Thomas Harry Price

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Thomas Harry Price

East End Arts is thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our most dynamic and multifaceted instructors – Thomas Harry Price. Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and raised in the scenic beauty of Southampton, Long Island, Thomas’s journey from an art-enthused child to a maestro of multiple musical instruments is nothing short of inspirational.

A Symphony Begins

Thomas’s musical odyssey took flight in the fourth grade with the trumpet, an encounter that sparked a lifelong affair with music. By the time he waved goodbye to Southampton High School, Thomas was not just a student; he was a virtuoso skilled in five different instruments.

Harmonizing Education and Passion 

With a degree in music performance and jazz studies from Long Island University Post Campus secured in 2013 along with a Jazz Compostion course from Berklee College of Music, Thomas set forth into the world, armed with the knowledge and fervor to make music his life’s work.

Teaching, Performing, Inspiring

Post-graduation, Thomas’s career took a melodious turn toward teaching at Ninows Music and, following its closure, private instruction and vibrant performances. Over the past decade, he has become a staple in the Long Island music community, dazzling locals with his performances and enriching minds through music education.

A Maestro of Many

Thomas’s repertoire is astonishing, with mastery in twelve instruments, including but not limited to piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, saxophone, percussion, trombone, clarinet, flute, ukulele, and mandolin. This versatility makes him not just an instructor but a living orchestra, capable of bringing the essence of music to life for his students at East End Arts.

Embarking on a Musical Journey

Today, Thomas continues to be a beacon of musical excellence in Riverhead, NY, dedicating his talents to teaching at East End Arts. His approach goes beyond mere instruction; it’s about igniting a passion, nurturing talent, and guiding students of all ages to discover their musical paths.

Thomas Price’s amazing impact on the music scene and his relentless dedication to music education make him a cherished member of the East End Arts family. Under his guidance, students don’t just learn to play an instrument; they embark on a lifelong journey of musical exploration and discovery.

Zach Marino

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Zach Marino

Spotlight on Zach Marino: Strumming the Chords of Passion and Expertise

East End Arts is excited to introduce you to Zach Marino, a guitar maestro whose dedication and enthusiasm for music are as infectious as his guitar riffs. With a degree from SUNY New Paltz and a heart deeply rooted in the world of music, Zach is a beacon of inspiration and skill in our music faculty.

A Journey Through Music: Zach’s musical voyage is a testament to his passion and dedication. With an impressive 15 years mastering the electric guitar, his journey from a diligent student to a seasoned musician is nothing short of inspiring. Zach’s love for music transcends beyond personal achievements; it’s a shared experience that he passionately imparts to his students at East End Arts.

The Power of Performance: As the charismatic frontman – both guitarist and vocalist – of his band formed with childhood friends, Zach knows the exhilarating power of live performance. Their journey from covering songs to creating original material culminated in an impressive discography including an EP, three LPs, a split LP, and various singles. Zach’s experience in live shows, which have lit up various venues from bars to music halls, adds a rich, real-world dimension to his teaching.

On the Road: 2019 marked a milestone for Zach and his band as they embarked on their first official tour, weaving their musical tales across the East Coast. This experience not only honed Zach’s performance skills but also enriched his understanding of the music industry and audience engagement.

A Well-Rounded Musical Educator: Zach’s background in music is not limited to performance alone. His knowledge in audio engineering and music production allows him to offer a comprehensive learning experience to his students. He brings a holistic approach to guitar instruction, blending technical skills, performance artistry, and an understanding of the music industry.

At East End Arts, Zach Marino stands out as more than a guitar instructor; he is a mentor who inspires, challenges, and empowers. His classes are more than just lessons; they are an exploration into the depths of music, encouraging students to find their voice, style, and confidence.

Join us at East End Arts, where educators like Zach Marino are not just teaching music – they are shaping the musicians of tomorrow. Whether you’re picking up a guitar for the first time or looking to refine your skills, Zach’s classes offer a journey into the world of music you won’t want to miss.

Daniel M. Salaway

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Daniel M. Salaway

Spotlight on Daniel M. Salaway: Harmonizing Music, Therapy, and Education

Today, we shine our spotlight on a remarkable individual who strikes a beautiful chord in the realm of music therapy and education – Daniel M. Salaway, MS, MT-BC, LCAT, a New York State Certified Music Educator and Music Therapist at East End Arts.

With a rich experience spanning over 15 years, Dan has passionately dedicated himself to working with children and adults with special needs. His journey in the field of music therapy and education is marked by significant contributions in both medical settings and private practice.

Empowering Through Music: Dan’s approach to music therapy is deeply person-centered and strength-based. He crafts music sessions that are not just about learning notes and rhythms, but about exploring and developing crucial social, emotional, and communicative skills. His belief that musical development mirrors personal development is at the heart of his teaching philosophy.

Building Skills for Life and Music: In Dan’s sessions, success in music is intertwined with success in life. He focuses on empowering his students by highlighting and building upon their strengths, encouraging progress that transcends the music room.

A Personalized Approach: Understanding that each individual’s needs and abilities are unique, Dan tailors his sessions to ensure that every student feels valued, understood, and supported. His dedication to providing a nurturing and positive learning environment allows his students to thrive both musically and personally.

A Symphony of Success: The impact of Dan’s work is evident in the confidence and joy seen in his students. Through his guidance, students not only develop their musical abilities but also gain important life skills, fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

A Valued Member of East End Arts: Dan Salaway is more than a teacher; he is an advocate for the transformative power of music. East End Arts is proud to have such a dedicated and compassionate professional as part of our community. His work exemplifies our commitment to unlocking creativity and building community through the arts.

Join us at East End Arts, where educators like Dan Salaway are making a real difference in the lives of our students. Whether you’re exploring music for therapeutic purposes or personal growth, you’ll find a supportive and enriching environment here.

Lorraine Rimmelin

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Lorraine Rimmelin

Lorraine Rimmelin: Merging Vibrancy and Tranquility in Watercolor Artistry

East End Arts is excited to introduce Lorraine Rimmelin, a remarkably skilled watercolorist whose vibrant and evocative renditions of nature captivate art enthusiasts far and wide. Lorraine’s innate talent for creating striking color combinations breathes life into her floral, sunset, and landscape paintings, enchanting viewers with her dynamic interpretation of the natural world.

Before embarking on her artistic journey, Lorraine experienced a thriving career as a salon owner, hair stylist, and colorist. The insights from her past profession have seamlessly transitioned into her artistic endeavors, profoundly influencing her dramatic utilization of color, shape, and design. Choosing to follow her heart, Lorraine transformed her career into a flourishing watercolor artist, where every blank canvas presents an opportunity for boundless creativity.

Living on the scenic South Shore of Long Island in Mastic Beach, New York, Lorraine derives her inspiration from the surrounding beauty. Her work effervesces with vibrant colors and forms, encapsulating the essence of flowers, animals, and landscapes. Lorraine’s serene water views, inspired by the Long Island coastline, add a mystical and tranquil dimension to her artistry.

As a signature member of the North East Watercolor Society, Lorraine’s talent is well-recognized and appreciated within the art community. Her watercolor masterpieces have adorned the walls of esteemed galleries and have even been featured in a highly praised one-woman show in New York City, spotlighting her mesmerizing ‘Blood Flowers’ collection.

Beyond her artistic prowess, Lorraine stands out due to her engaging and approachable teaching style. Her willingness to share her watercolor techniques and expertise, coupled with her nurturing teaching approach, makes her workshops popular among art enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re a novice exploring the realm of watercolors or an experienced artist aiming to hone your skills, Lorraine’s workshops cater to diverse learning needs.

Participating in one of Lorraine Rimmelin’s workshops is an experience to cherish. Her zeal for both painting and teaching radiates, fostering an inspiring and enjoyable learning atmosphere.

If you’re seeking to immerse yourself in the magic of watercolors and boost your artistic capabilities, look no further than Lorraine Rimmelin. Her dedication to capturing nature’s beauty through watercolors is sure to leave a profound impression on any art admirer fortunate enough to engage with her work. Join Lorraine on this artistic journey, and experience the joy of watercolor painting under the guidance of an exceptional artist and educator.

Justine Moody

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Justine Moody

Justine Moody: Fusing Tradition and Innovation in Art

East End Arts takes immense pleasure in showcasing Justine Moody, a prodigious artist, and dedicated local public school art teacher at Miller Place High School. With an unyielding passion for nurturing young artists from grades 6 through 12, Justine infuses her classroom with her expansive knowledge, experience, and inspirational energy.

A native of Long Island, Justine’s affinity for nature serves as the anchor for her creativity. The natural world, especially the waters of her hometown, has always provided a haven of solace and inspiration, elements that radiate through her artwork. Justine’s artistic journey began in ceramics, an art form she refined while studying at the eminent Pratt Institute.

Justine has broadened her artistic horizons through work in various sculpting and model-making studios in the artistic nexus of New York City. These experiences have enriched her artistic repertoire, offering invaluable exposure to diverse mediums and techniques. Today, Justine adeptly handles a spectrum of materials from natural fibers and charcoals to paints, not forgetting her perennial favorite, clay.

Justine’s work resonates with her profound appreciation for history, photography, and age-old craft techniques such as felting and weaving. By mixing these traditional practices with contemporary methodologies, she forms an intriguing connection between centuries-old artistic conventions and modern art forms. Her unwavering commitment to employing organic, renewable materials like clay and natural fibers echoes her stance on sustainability and ethical artistic practices.

For Justine, digital art is another enchanting realm eager to be explored where colors transcend their visual essence and embark on a magical journey. With an unwavering belief in the potent ability of digital tools to express emotions and feelings beyond the constraints of words, she shares her knowledge with her students introducing them to the intricate interplay of colors, lines, and textures. With this passion for digital art Justine, guides them toward producing impressive final masterpieces in the digital realm.

Justine Moody’s commendable dedication to her students and her craft sets her apart. Her expertise, deep-rooted love for art history, design, and technique provide a solid foundation for her learners, enabling them to explore and develop their artistic prowess. Her nurturing environment allows creativity to bloom, encouraging students to authentically express themselves.

We feel privileged to have Justine as part of our teaching community. Her commitment to sustainability, her reverence for tradition, and her celebration of the natural world set an inspiring precedent for future artists. Embark on an artistic journey with Justine in her Introduction to Digital Art course, and let this extraordinary teacher guide you toward unlocking your creative potential.

Chris Ann Ambery​

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Chris Ann Ambery

Chris Ann Ambery: Pioneering Sustainable Printmaking at East End Arts

East End Arts takes great pride in introducing Chris Ann Ambery, a talented multidisciplinary artist and dedicated educator with a strong foothold in New York’s vibrant art scene. Raised in Queens and currently residing in Smithtown, Ambery’s educational foundation in arts is rock-solid, boasting a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Illustration from Parsons School of Design. Her artistic prowess found further refinement at the Passalaqua School of Drawing and Illustration, leading her to acquire a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Printmaking from LIU Post.

Throughout her illustrious career, Ambery has consistently demonstrated a fascination with various techniques and methods in the realm of printmaking. Recently, her focus has been drawn towards incorporating less toxic methodologies into her practice, a testament to her commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability. This eco-friendly approach led her to the versatile technique of solarplate etching, a method using light-sensitive plates to create intricate and detailed prints. By adopting this approach, Ambery marries aesthetic beauty and environmental responsibility, thereby revolutionizing her printmaking practice.

Ambery’s artwork has won accolades far and wide, with exhibitions in galleries across the United States and Korea, as well as features in various magazines. Her mastery of printmaking techniques, coupled with a distinctive artistic vision, results in visually arresting and thought-provoking creations. Her prints often delve into themes of identity, nature, and the human condition, offering remarkable detail and a profound understanding of the medium, thereby reflecting her exceptional talent and dedication.

Beyond her own artistic endeavors, Chris Ann Ambery is an enthusiastic educator, passionately sharing her knowledge and expertise with the artists of tomorrow. She cultivates their skills and creative growth, encouraging them to explore diverse techniques and innovative approaches. By fostering curiosity and artistic exploration, Ambery creates an environment ripe for learning and growth. Further proving her dedication to her students, Chris Ann evaluates and certifies student members at East End Arts on the press, enabling them to practice their craft during Member Open Studio days.

Chris Ann Ambery’s artistic journey underscores her dedication, adaptability, and commitment to both her craft and environmental consciousness. Her exploration of less toxic printmaking techniques, especially her proficiency in solarplate etching, exemplify her innovative, forward-thinking approach. As an artist and educator, Ambery continues to inspire others through her exceptional artwork and impassioned teaching, a legacy that is sure to live on in the East End Arts community.

Paolo Bartolani

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Paolo Bartolani

Paolo Bartolani: Igniting a Classical Music Renaissance at East End Arts

We are proud to spotlight Paolo Bartolani, a passionate music educator at East End Arts, whose zest for classical music has fostered a cultural renaissance on the North Fork. His unwavering commitment to kindling a love for classical music across diverse demographics gave birth to the highly lauded Rites of Spring Music Festival.

Paolo’s musical journey was influenced by a memorable performance on the North Fork. This experience ignited within him a burning desire to infuse the region with the enchanting magic of classical music. Recognizing the untapped potential of the vibrant local art scene, he embarked on creating a platform to showcase sublime classical compositions while promoting universal accessibility.

The initial humble series of classical music concerts blossomed into the esteemed Rites of Spring Music Festival. This annual event encompasses multiple performances across diverse venues on the North Fork, enchanting audiences with the stunning beauty and profound emotionality of classical music. Under Paolo’s guidance, this festival has evolved into an unmissable cultural highlight for music lovers and community members.

Paolo’s commitment to the community resonates through his aspiration to engage younger generations. Firmly believing in the transformative potential of music education, he endeavors to expose individuals to classical music, irrespective of their age or background. Through his instruction at East End Arts, Paolo cultivates the talents of young aspiring musicians, bestowing upon them a deep-rooted appreciation for classical music’s rich heritage.

Beyond his teaching, Paolo passionately interacts with local schools, community centers, and organizations, expanding classical music’s reach. He orchestrates workshops, masterclasses, and interactive performances in collaboration with other musicians and educators, captivating and educating diverse audiences. His initiatives have rekindled the community’s enthusiasm for classical music, bridging generational divides and fostering an appreciation for this timeless art form.

Paolo’s dedication to championing classical music as a universal expressive language has made an indelible mark on the North Fork community. His relentless passion and efforts inspire students, musicians, and community members alike, creating a lasting imprint on the region’s cultural fabric. Thanks to Paolo Bartolani, the Rites of Spring Music Festival is a fervently awaited annual celebration, spreading the joy and beauty of classical music to all attendees.

Renee Brown

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Renee Brown

East End Arts is excited to spotlight our newest gem in the teaching faculty, the supremely gifted Renee Brown. A rising sensation in the world of art, Renee enriches our vibrant community with her innovative vision and vast expertise.

From a young age, Renee’s innate passion for art and a remarkable talent for capturing her subjects’ essence led her toward a dedicated pursuit of portraiture. Her relentless perseverance shaped her skillset, earning her acclaim from art enthusiasts and industry experts.

Renee’s art stands out with its striking realism and emotional depth, her subjects radiating life-like authenticity. Her mastery over hues and values results in captivating skin tones and shadows, creating a symphony of colors that tugs at the heartstrings of onlookers.

Renee’s journey in art is adorned with awards and accolades, marking her as a rising star. Her unwavering dedication to her craft and ceaseless strive for artistic growth have garnered respect and admiration in the art world.

Now, as an art instructor at East End Arts, Renee shares her wealth of knowledge and passion with aspiring artists. Her Portrait Workshop exemplifies her commitment to nurturing creative talent. Through interactive dialogues, tailored feedback, and hands-on teaching, she guides students toward mastery of portraiture.

Renee’s art lessons offer an enlightening journey for artists at all stages, refining the skills of seasoned artists and fostering creativity in beginners. Her workshops and private art lessons at East End Arts have become a beacon for art enthusiasts seeking expert guidance.

Join us in welcoming Renee Brown to East End Arts. Her passion for portraiture and dedication to fostering talent is set to invigorate our artistic community. Seize the opportunity to learn from Renee and unlock your creative potential under her skilled tutelage.

Some of Renee’s classes and workshops:

  • Acrylic Painting
  • Portrait Painting
  • Studio Art
  • Private Art Lessons
Kenneth Jackson

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Kenneth Jackson

Kenneth Jackson: Channeling Artistic Creativity and Cultivating Talent at East End Arts

Discover the transformative world of Kenneth Jackson, a celebrated artist and cherished art teacher at East End Arts. Known for his ability to breathe life into canvas, Kenneth’s work marries intricate details with a careful balance of elements, crafting captivating pieces that narrate beyond what meets the eye.

Kenneth’s tryst with art started with graphic creations and comics, but his fascination for painting techniques soon took over, prompting an all-encompassing exploration of this expressive medium. With each stroke of his brush, Kenneth infuses his artwork with inspiration drawn from a palette of words and colors.

Kenneth’s commitment to art and community shines brightly in his voluntary contributions to the Heroes Program, where his stunning portraits of local hospital staff uplifted spirits during challenging times. His prowess in art and sincere dedication earned him the honor of completing three extraordinary pieces for this initiative.

Kenneth’s impressive journey and stellar portfolio led to his induction into East End Arts’ teaching staff in 2020, and he has since left indelible marks on our Saturday art programs. Despite pandemic uncertainties, Kenneth’s steadfast commitment to student growth and his innovative teaching methods attest to his dedication and professionalism.

At EEA, Kenneth imparts artistic wisdom in a range of classes, extending from child-oriented programs to advanced technique exploration for teenagers and adults. He heads our College Prep programming, offering personalized guidance to aspiring artists. His free monthly classes, Meet the Masters, provide a unique platform for budding artists to draw inspiration from the greats. This summer, Kenneth takes the helm as the Director of EEA’s Art and Music Summer Camps, adding yet another feather to his artistic hat.

The transformative power of Kenneth’s teaching resonates in the heartfelt testimonial of Ellen Kingston, one of his adult students. She said, “In taking classes with Kenneth Jackson I’ve learned so much! He is not only a wonderfully talented artist, but he is an outstanding teacher. Since taking classes with him, I am able to incorporate what I’ve learned in class to other pieces that I’m working on at home. I can see true improvement in my work from sketching and blending colors, to being more aware of shadow and light. I really see things differently. I am so thankful that through his tutelage, I can see myself growing as an artist. I feel very fortunate to have access to classes offered by the true professionals teaching at the East End Arts.”

Kenneth’s influence extends beyond teaching – his multi-panel portrait of Obama inspired the MLK Portrait Project, promoting talent and echoing a strong message in support of the Civil Rights Movement.

Furthering his commitment to art education, Kenneth took part in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Educators Institute, refining his skills in art analysis and interpretation. This experience enriched his teaching methodologies, enabling him to seamlessly incorporate masterpieces into his classes and fostering a deeper appreciation for art among his students.

In Kenneth Jackson, East End Arts is privileged to have an artist and teacher par excellence. His unwavering dedication to the growth of his students underscores his invaluable contribution to the artistic community at EEA.

Beth Wineberger - Teacher Spotlight

East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Beth Wineberger

Let us take a moment to revel in the delightful symphony of talent and passion that is Beth Wineberger. Recently retiring after an awe-inspiring 31-year career as a beloved Kindergarten and 1st-grade educator, Beth’s enthusiasm for igniting young minds shines brighter than ever. Recognizing her invaluable qualities, East End Arts swiftly embraced Beth, confident that her unwavering dedication and expertise in early childhood education were the perfect harmony for our Tiny Tots Music Discovery program.Beth Wineberger

With her solid foundation in toddler music education and specialization in Kindergarten and 1st-grade instruction, Beth was the quintessential candidate to helm our music program. Her tenure as an elementary educator in Southold, combined with her profound understanding of music’s role in early development, establishes Beth as a prized asset to East End Arts. We’re thrilled to welcome her into our family, eager to see her impart her extensive knowledge and child study expertise to this extraordinary program.

As a cherished local teacher, Beth harbors a deep bond with our community and a comprehensive comprehension of early childhood education’s importance. She is a strong advocate for music’s transformative power in promoting children’s development. Through her inviting and warm teaching style, Beth builds a supportive and secure environment where children can freely express themselves through the language of music. Her tailored teaching approach addresses each child’s unique needs, ensuring everyone in her class receives the attention and encouragement they need to truly bloom.

Beth possesses a rare quality, one that many of us remember from our favorite teachers. She has a unique talent for sparking young imaginations, instilling joy and wonder in every lesson. Beth takes immense pleasure in seeing the radiant smiles of children as they discover a new activity or master a new concept. Her sincere enthusiasm for their progress is contagious, making her an ideal role model for these fledgling musicians.

We at East End Arts feel incredibly privileged to have Beth Wineberger as a part of our team, where she continues to make a lasting impact on numerous young lives. With her steadfast dedication to early childhood education, paired with her remarkable talent for teaching music, Beth is poised to instill a lifelong passion for music in each Tiny Tots Music Discovery participant. The rhythm of education has never sounded so sweet.