East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Lorraine Rimmelin

Lorraine Rimmelin

Lorraine Rimmelin: Merging Vibrancy and Tranquility in Watercolor Artistry

East End Arts is excited to introduce Lorraine Rimmelin, a remarkably skilled watercolorist whose vibrant and evocative renditions of nature captivate art enthusiasts far and wide. Lorraine’s innate talent for creating striking color combinations breathes life into her floral, sunset, and landscape paintings, enchanting viewers with her dynamic interpretation of the natural world.

Before embarking on her artistic journey, Lorraine experienced a thriving career as a salon owner, hair stylist, and colorist. The insights from her past profession have seamlessly transitioned into her artistic endeavors, profoundly influencing her dramatic utilization of color, shape, and design. Choosing to follow her heart, Lorraine transformed her career into a flourishing watercolor artist, where every blank canvas presents an opportunity for boundless creativity.

Living on the scenic South Shore of Long Island in Mastic Beach, New York, Lorraine derives her inspiration from the surrounding beauty. Her work effervesces with vibrant colors and forms, encapsulating the essence of flowers, animals, and landscapes. Lorraine’s serene water views, inspired by the Long Island coastline, add a mystical and tranquil dimension to her artistry.

As a signature member of the North East Watercolor Society, Lorraine’s talent is well-recognized and appreciated within the art community. Her watercolor masterpieces have adorned the walls of esteemed galleries and have even been featured in a highly praised one-woman show in New York City, spotlighting her mesmerizing ‘Blood Flowers’ collection.

Beyond her artistic prowess, Lorraine stands out due to her engaging and approachable teaching style. Her willingness to share her watercolor techniques and expertise, coupled with her nurturing teaching approach, makes her workshops popular among art enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re a novice exploring the realm of watercolors or an experienced artist aiming to hone your skills, Lorraine’s workshops cater to diverse learning needs.

Participating in one of Lorraine Rimmelin’s workshops is an experience to cherish. Her zeal for both painting and teaching radiates, fostering an inspiring and enjoyable learning atmosphere.

If you’re seeking to immerse yourself in the magic of watercolors and boost your artistic capabilities, look no further than Lorraine Rimmelin. Her dedication to capturing nature’s beauty through watercolors is sure to leave a profound impression on any art admirer fortunate enough to engage with her work. Join Lorraine on this artistic journey, and experience the joy of watercolor painting under the guidance of an exceptional artist and educator.

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