East End Arts Main Gallery

East End Arts Council is a multi-award-winning 501(c)3 not-for-profit arts organization that has been unlocking creativity and building a community in the East End of Long Island since 1972.

Gallery Hours During Exhibitions:

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday – Closed
  • Wednesday – Closed
  • Thursday – 12-5pm
  • Friday – 2-7pm
  • Saturday – 12-5pm
  • Sunday – 11am-3pm

The Council’s mission commits it to building and enriching community through the arts by way of creating a vibrant arts community on the East End that enhances individual and professional artistic development, stimulates community enrichment, economic development, and cultural tourism while encouraging a wide range of artistic expression through education, exhibition and performance, and collaboration across the community.

Upcoming Exhibition:

Beauty Out of Bounds
East End Arts Main St. Gallery & 11 West Gallery

Pundyk’s unstretched paintings slip free from expectation. As a young girl she understood intuitively how to shape simple materials such as fabric and string to ground her thoughts. Much later she found she could adapt these everyday forms to make fine art. Operating beyond tradition has been hard won over many decades.

Show Dates:

March 23rd to May 5th, 2024

Main Gallery

East End Arts is more than the words in a mission statement. It’s a gathering place for artists and those that love art. We engage and build community through cultural tourism initiatives and programs that collaborate with government, civic groups, private businesses, and nonprofit entities.

We are a powerful catalyst for economic and cultural revitalization in our home base of Riverhead as well as the surrounding communities. 

Our promotion of the arts unlocks the creativity of East End residents and acts as a stimulus for regional economic growth and community revitalization efforts.

Through galleries, community events, Art and Music schools, open artist studios, and a modern recording studio we build, nurture, and support a vibrant, inspired, and diverse community of art creators and art appreciators of all ages.