East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Thomas Harry Price

Thomas Harry Price

East End Arts is thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our most dynamic and multifaceted instructors – Thomas Harry Price. Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and raised in the scenic beauty of Southampton, Long Island, Thomas’s journey from an art-enthused child to a maestro of multiple musical instruments is nothing short of inspirational.

A Symphony Begins

Thomas’s musical odyssey took flight in the fourth grade with the trumpet, an encounter that sparked a lifelong affair with music. By the time he waved goodbye to Southampton High School, Thomas was not just a student; he was a virtuoso skilled in five different instruments.

Harmonizing Education and Passion 

With a degree in music performance and jazz studies from Long Island University Post Campus secured in 2013 along with a Jazz Compostion course from Berklee College of Music, Thomas set forth into the world, armed with the knowledge and fervor to make music his life’s work.

Teaching, Performing, Inspiring

Post-graduation, Thomas’s career took a melodious turn toward teaching at Ninows Music and, following its closure, private instruction and vibrant performances. Over the past decade, he has become a staple in the Long Island music community, dazzling locals with his performances and enriching minds through music education.

A Maestro of Many

Thomas’s repertoire is astonishing, with mastery in twelve instruments, including but not limited to piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, saxophone, percussion, trombone, clarinet, flute, ukulele, and mandolin. This versatility makes him not just an instructor but a living orchestra, capable of bringing the essence of music to life for his students at East End Arts.

Embarking on a Musical Journey

Today, Thomas continues to be a beacon of musical excellence in Riverhead, NY, dedicating his talents to teaching at East End Arts. His approach goes beyond mere instruction; it’s about igniting a passion, nurturing talent, and guiding students of all ages to discover their musical paths.

Thomas Price’s amazing impact on the music scene and his relentless dedication to music education make him a cherished member of the East End Arts family. Under his guidance, students don’t just learn to play an instrument; they embark on a lifelong journey of musical exploration and discovery.

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