Discover what our mission is, here at East End Arts.

East End Art’s Mission

The East End Arts & Humanities Council is committed to building and enriching the community through the arts by way of creating a vibrant arts community on the East End that enhances individual and professional artistic development, stimulates community enrichment, economic development, and cultural tourism while encouraging a wide range of artistic expression through education, exhibition and performance, and collaboration across the community.

Discover the Impact of Our Mission

We carry out our mission by relying on leadership and collaboration with an exceptional network of employees, volunteers, educators, philanthropic people and organizations, governmental agencies, and civic organizations.

We couldn’t be true to our mission without recognizing diversity. Diversity (the state or fact of being different) may be challenging in the more conventional areas of life, but in the arts being different is cherished, nourished, and encouraged. East End Arts knows the diversity of our community is a fundamental strength of our region. We believe when diversity is embraced as a value and practice both the artist and the arts flourish. To make diversity a core and abiding strength is our immediate goal. East End Arts looks forward to welcoming, supporting, advocating for, and inspiring new artists willing to explore their own diverse identities. It is our mission and our privilege.

Quite simply, we educate and unlock the creativity of the incredibly diverse and talented people in this area and continually build and support a community of artists and performers and the people who love what they create.