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Perlman Strings Collaborative Music Program

Discover how your high schooler can learn from master musicians in the Perlman Strings Collaborative Program.

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

The East End Arts School is proud to collaborate with The Perlman Music Program for this opportunity to bring local school-aged string students together with an outstanding orchestra of international student musicians, under the baton of world-famous, internationally acclaimed violin virtuoso and conductor Itzhak Perlman. This program commenced in 2012.

About the Progam

The East End Arts Student Orchestra is a collaborative project with the prestigious Perlman Music Program. This is a tuition free program and is open to pre-college string students of all levels (ages 10-18).

The Program is directed by East End Arts cello/violin teacher Jeannie Woelker. Ms. Woelker has been the Program Coordinator for the East End Arts/Perlman Music Program collaboration since 2014 overseeing all phases of the project. As liaison, she communicates with all contacts: parents, students, and the Perlman Music Program.

After submitting several pieces, Mr. Perlman will approve one piece for our EEA orchestra to rehearse. Ms. Woelker arranges the music for both the EEA orchestra and an advanced version for the Perlman orchestra and then conducts all rehearsals prior to the final “open rehearsal” where Mr. Perlman directs both orchestras for a performance open to the public.

This is truly a once in a lifetime experience for these East End students.

Perlman Strings