Recording Studio

Did you know that East End Arts has a state-of-the-art recording studio that’s open to the community? Read on to learn all about it.

Experience Artistry Unleashed at East End Arts' Jesse F. Sherman Recording Studio

In the heart of the East End, stands your platform to record, mix, master, and showcase your talent – East End Arts’ Jesse F. Sherman Recording Studio, generously supported by the Billy Joel Foundation and other esteemed community members and donors*. Here, creativity finds its voice, and artistry unfolds in the most unexpected ways.

East End Arts Jesse F. Sherman Recording Studio
133 E. Main Street
Riverhead, NY 11901 or
call us at 631-248-0369

Learn from the Best in the Field

Our team, led by the accomplished Studio Manager, Chris Jones, is eager to guide you on your journey. With an impressive track record in audio production, Chris provides more than just technical expertise. He offers mentorship, support, and publishing tutorials to help you create, refine, and publish your work. Discover more about Chris’s inspiring career here.

Discover a World-Class Recording Facility

Our dynamic and versatile recording studio includes an advanced control room, an isolation booth, and a live room spacious enough to house a small orchestra or an enthusiastic rock band. Experience HD recording in a central location matched with flexible operating hours that are tailored to your needs.

We’ve recently revamped our facilities, offering state-of-the-art equipment, refurbished rooms, and a grand piano, ensuring you have all you need to produce authentic and professional-grade audio content.

Unleash Your Creative Genius With Our Comprehensive Services

Whether you’re a musician, producer, filmmaker, or podcaster, our recording studio is designed to meet your unique requirements. We offer a wide range of services, from production, mixing [song & film], mastering, voiceover, to podcast creation and archiving [digitizing old media]. Each service is carefully curated to amplify your creative vision, providing immense value and a bang for your buck.

Your Creative Space Awaits You

Here at East End Arts’ Recording Studio, we are more than just a recording studio; we are a community passionate about nurturing creativity and transforming dreams into reality. Your unique vision is our inspiration.

We are open for bookings. Book a meeting with our Studio Manager at your convenience and step into a world where artistry and technology merge seamlessly.

Book a Consultation Today

Get one step closer to your artistic aspirations. Contact us today at or call us at 631-248-0369 to schedule a consultation or book a session.

At East End Arts’ Recording Studio, we believe in the power of sound, the beauty of creativity, and the endless possibilities that come when the two collide. We look forward to being a part of your artistic journey.

Recording Studio Rates

Hourly Recording Rate – 2 hours minimum:

Non-Member: $75/ hour

Member: $60/ hour

Mixing Rate – 2 hours minimum:

Non-Member: $75/ hour

Member: $60/ hour

Mastering per song (one revision any additional at the hourly rate $75/$60):

Non-Member: $125/ song

Member: $100/ song

Production Class (Includes four 4-hour sessions resulting recording and full production of one song):

Non-Member: $1200/ song

Member: $960/ song

Scheduling Your Session

To schedule your recording studio session with East End Arts, follow these instructions:

  1. Contact the studio: Reach out to Chris Jones, Studio Manager, at 631-248-0379 or email to
  2. Get a quote: Chris will invite you to the studio to discuss your project(s) and create a plan with quote(s) and a start date.
  3. Schedule and make payment: Once you and Chris decide on a date to get started, the EEA Art & Music School Registrar will process your payment based on the quote agreement. (If you need to change the original date, you may discuss scheduling with Chris.)
  4. Start creating! (Additional hours can be added as needed. Any unused hours are banked for future use.)

By following these steps, you’ll successfully schedule your recording studio session with East End Arts.

Sessions Make Great Gifts
Do you want to support that special artist in your life? A gift of recording session time is perfect for any holiday or other gift-giving occasion. 

Click here to purchase your gift certificate today. You may also email or stop by the East End Arts Art & Music School for assistance with gift certificates. 

*The Jesse F. Sherman Recording Studio is made possible through community collaboration in honor of Jesse. In addition to the Billy Joel Foundation, we thank: 

  • Bill Sperls, for studio design
  • Noah Gorman, for studio set up
  • The Town of Riverhead, for renovating the space
  • Paulette Sherman and the Sherman family, for contributing items from Jesse’s own studio

In the News

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