East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Justine Moody

Justine Moody

Justine Moody: Fusing Tradition and Innovation in Art

East End Arts takes immense pleasure in showcasing Justine Moody, a prodigious artist, and dedicated local public school art teacher at Miller Place High School. With an unyielding passion for nurturing young artists from grades 6 through 12, Justine infuses her classroom with her expansive knowledge, experience, and inspirational energy.

A native of Long Island, Justine’s affinity for nature serves as the anchor for her creativity. The natural world, especially the waters of her hometown, has always provided a haven of solace and inspiration, elements that radiate through her artwork. Justine’s artistic journey began in ceramics, an art form she refined while studying at the eminent Pratt Institute.

Justine has broadened her artistic horizons through work in various sculpting and model-making studios in the artistic nexus of New York City. These experiences have enriched her artistic repertoire, offering invaluable exposure to diverse mediums and techniques. Today, Justine adeptly handles a spectrum of materials from natural fibers and charcoals to paints, not forgetting her perennial favorite, clay.

Justine’s work resonates with her profound appreciation for history, photography, and age-old craft techniques such as felting and weaving. By mixing these traditional practices with contemporary methodologies, she forms an intriguing connection between centuries-old artistic conventions and modern art forms. Her unwavering commitment to employing organic, renewable materials like clay and natural fibers echoes her stance on sustainability and ethical artistic practices.

For Justine, digital art is another enchanting realm eager to be explored where colors transcend their visual essence and embark on a magical journey. With an unwavering belief in the potent ability of digital tools to express emotions and feelings beyond the constraints of words, she shares her knowledge with her students introducing them to the intricate interplay of colors, lines, and textures. With this passion for digital art Justine, guides them toward producing impressive final masterpieces in the digital realm.

Justine Moody’s commendable dedication to her students and her craft sets her apart. Her expertise, deep-rooted love for art history, design, and technique provide a solid foundation for her learners, enabling them to explore and develop their artistic prowess. Her nurturing environment allows creativity to bloom, encouraging students to authentically express themselves.

We feel privileged to have Justine as part of our teaching community. Her commitment to sustainability, her reverence for tradition, and her celebration of the natural world set an inspiring precedent for future artists. Embark on an artistic journey with Justine in her Introduction to Digital Art course, and let this extraordinary teacher guide you toward unlocking your creative potential.

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