Adult Art School Workshops

Learn more about our art school workshops for adults.

Workshops for Busy Adults

Workshops help you explore new art mediums and techniques without committing to a semester of instruction.

About Our Adult Art School Workshops

Dare to try something new in an East End Arts School Workshop. This form of instruction lets you explore themes, concepts, and skills with hands-on instruction and discussion. You’ll connect with others in the community as you explore metalworking, jewelry making, photography, and the connections between art and science.

Adult workshops include one or two sessions focused on a particular medium or skill such as Watercolor, Drawing, Jewelry Making, Photography, or Printmaking. During the workshop, you’ll have time for discussion and interaction with the instructor and other students as discover the many facets of art.

Art and Soul

Art is an all-natural mood booster. Engage mind, eyes, and hands in art and release feel-good dopamine and other mood-enhancing endorphins. 

Find new ways to express yourself through art.  An East End Arts Workshop allows you to concentrate on unleashing your creativity while finding inner peace. Within the walls of the classroom, you can decompress, delve into art, and indulge in a little “me” time.

Participate with a friend and you’ll relax and have fun together. Fly solo and let your imagination soar.