Kids Art Programs

East End Arts offers classes for kids at all skill levels.

Art Programs for Children

Creativity involves critical thinking, planning, and focusing your attention. Children learn through this process as different parts of the brain jump into action. They might discover something they never knew before, learn how to solve a problem, or figure out a new way to look at or do something!

— Renee Blank, Children’s Art Teacher, East End Arts School

Art is Essential

Art programs offer a variety of cognitive benefits such as improved focus, mental flexibility, memory, and critical-thinking skills.

Pre-K Art

Creativity has also been shown to foster mental growth in young children by providing opportunities for them to try out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. At this age the focus is on process and discovering different mediums. Tons of art fun while promoting social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Kids Art

Homeschool Art, After School Art, & Fantastic Art Time on Saturdays are the foundation of EEA’s children’s art enrichment programs.  As children explore color and mediums, they learn self-expression and regulation.

Enrich your child’s life with art.