East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Zach Marino

Zach Marino

Spotlight on Zach Marino: Strumming the Chords of Passion and Expertise

East End Arts is excited to introduce you to Zach Marino, a guitar maestro whose dedication and enthusiasm for music are as infectious as his guitar riffs. With a degree from SUNY New Paltz and a heart deeply rooted in the world of music, Zach is a beacon of inspiration and skill in our music faculty.

A Journey Through Music: Zach’s musical voyage is a testament to his passion and dedication. With an impressive 15 years mastering the electric guitar, his journey from a diligent student to a seasoned musician is nothing short of inspiring. Zach’s love for music transcends beyond personal achievements; it’s a shared experience that he passionately imparts to his students at East End Arts.

The Power of Performance: As the charismatic frontman – both guitarist and vocalist – of his band formed with childhood friends, Zach knows the exhilarating power of live performance. Their journey from covering songs to creating original material culminated in an impressive discography including an EP, three LPs, a split LP, and various singles. Zach’s experience in live shows, which have lit up various venues from bars to music halls, adds a rich, real-world dimension to his teaching.

On the Road: 2019 marked a milestone for Zach and his band as they embarked on their first official tour, weaving their musical tales across the East Coast. This experience not only honed Zach’s performance skills but also enriched his understanding of the music industry and audience engagement.

A Well-Rounded Musical Educator: Zach’s background in music is not limited to performance alone. His knowledge in audio engineering and music production allows him to offer a comprehensive learning experience to his students. He brings a holistic approach to guitar instruction, blending technical skills, performance artistry, and an understanding of the music industry.

At East End Arts, Zach Marino stands out as more than a guitar instructor; he is a mentor who inspires, challenges, and empowers. His classes are more than just lessons; they are an exploration into the depths of music, encouraging students to find their voice, style, and confidence.

Join us at East End Arts, where educators like Zach Marino are not just teaching music – they are shaping the musicians of tomorrow. Whether you’re picking up a guitar for the first time or looking to refine your skills, Zach’s classes offer a journey into the world of music you won’t want to miss.

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