Give It Up For The Arts Challenge: Let’s Raise $90,000 in 90 Days!

Learn more about this exciting challenge and how you can help raise funds to make a difference.

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What Will You Give Up For The Arts?

Welcome to the Challenge

Welcome to East End Arts’ Give It Up For The Arts Challenge! We’re calling on YOU to celebrate the arts by giving up something small and donating the saved amount to support our mission. Your coffee purchase, your weekly lunch out, or your movie night – what will you give up for the arts?

Arts enrich our lives daily – from the music streaming through our headphones to the fashion defining our style, to the paintings gracing our walls. They’re a melody in our routine, a color in our world. But, it’s easy to take them for granted. Now, it’s time to give back! Join the challenge and show your love for the arts!

Double the Impact!

Just In! Thanks to another generous donor, all donations up to $55,000 ARE MATCHED! That means your little sacrifice is double the bang for the buck.

Exciting news! The first $10,000 we raise will be generously matched by a donor and our board, turning your contributions into $20,000! Every dollar counts double, so let’s get started and make a difference


How to Join? It’s Simple!

  • Accept the Challenge: Choose something you’ll skip – a meal out, a coffee run, a movie night, or even a shopping trip!
  • Donate the Equivalent: Donate the amount you saved to East End Arts through our secure donation link.
  • Challenge Others: Post a video or photo on social media, share what you gave up, and challenge 5 friends to do the same! Use hashtag #GiveItUpForTheArts and tag @EastEndArts.
  • Just Donate: For those shy people out there who want to support the arts, but don’t want to challenge others, feel free to just accept the challenge yourself and donate!

Spread the Word!

Let’s make some noise and spread the art-love far and wide! Share your journey using #GiveItUpForTheArts, tag your friends, and let’s see how creative we can get! The more we share, the closer we get to our goal – $90,000 in 90 days!

Celebrate & Showcase:

Every week, we’ll feature the most creative and inspiring challenge posts on our website and social media! Plus, stay tuned for exciting updates and the joy of witnessing the arts thrive!

Why Give It Up For The Arts?

East End Arts is dedicated to nurturing and promoting the arts in our community. Every dollar raised fuels our programs, supports local artists, and ensures that the beauty, joy, and power of the arts remain accessible to all.