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Episode 5:

Travel back in time with Colin Palmer, grandson of East End Arts Founder Elizabeth Richard. EEA Creative Director Wendy Weiss discovers the origins and personalities behind EEA’s inception in 1972. A lifelong teacher, mentor, and champion of the arts, Elizabeth Richard has earned her title in The Annual Elizabeth Richard Memorial Members’ Show.  Colin, a playwright and actor on the East End, provides great context to the founding of EEA through his storytelling and fantastic memories.

Episode 4:

How important are the arts in our lives and to our wellbeing? In this episode, hosts Chris Jones and Wendy Weiss discuss the East End Arts’ 2023 year-end fundraiser, the Give It Up for the Arts Challenge, and hear from three artists who have different backgrounds and perspectives, yet share the same message.

Vietnam veteran John Melillo gets candid on how art saved his life by helping him cope with his PTSD. Art therapy teacher Aude Verrier discusses the significance of nurturing the imagination at all stages of life and circumstances. Lastly, an anonymous letter from a struggling teen illustrates how EEA is playing a pinnacle role in her development.

Episode 3: Host Chris Jones joins the EEA gallery opening reception of the 2023 Open Juried Exhibition ‘Where is the Human?’ to speak with its jurors, artists, and guests in pursuit of insights to the show’s theme and pieces that answer this most interesting question. Many thanks to [in order of appearance] Joyce Beckenstein, Glynis Berry, Sherry Davis, Edgar Jerins, Jody Cukier, DJ Collins, Debra Albert, Franklin Hill Perrell, Andrea Cote, Frankie Neptune, Eli Stoneman, Meredith Rose, Charles Wildbank, Marta Baumiller, and Tom Anderson.

Episode 2: Unlock the enigmatic depths of horror art as I, Wendy Weiss, host a revealing conversation with horror artist and educator, Mark Levine. Strap in for a spine-chilling foray as we debunk the common misconceptions surrounding this genre.

Episode 1: Host Wendy Weiss chats with artists Susan Cushing and Franklin Hill Perrell about their Endless Summer art exhibition at EEA, running September 9 – October 15, 2023.

About the Podcast

Diving into the things that ignite the arts and artists on the East End of Long Island. Stories and interviews with the area’s visual artists, musicians, performers, creatives, and advocates.

Recorded and produced by Chris Jones at the East End Arts Recording Studio.

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