Opening MLK Show East End Food Market

East End Food Market 139 Main Road, Riverhead

Through the MLK Portrait Project, students unleash their creativity to create individual panels that come together in communion to create a portrait of a civil rights leader. Students learn how […]

Event Series Fantastic Art Time

Fantastic Art Time

Carriage House 133 E Main St, Riverhead

Fantastic Art Time, is a children's art exploration class with artist and teacher, Kenneth Jackson. This fun-filled hour-long class is packed with tons of art exploration. Students discover new ways […]

Event Series Sequential Art

Sequential Art

East End Arts Art & Music School 141 East Main St, RIVERHEAD

Sequential Art with Mark Levine Manga Art In this course, students will work on creating Manga pages based on a story of their choice using the principles learned in class. […]

Event Series Ultimate Studio

Ultimate Studio

Carriage House 133 E Main St, Riverhead

Starting Saturday, February 18th, 2023 | 12:00PM–2:00PM EST | EEA's Carriage House, 1st Floor Ultimate Studio, Drawing & Painting Class with Kenneth Jackson. Ultimate Studio is an ongoing studio class, […]

Event Series Portfolio Prep

Portfolio Prep

Carriage House 133 E Main St, Riverhead

Art Portfolio A Comprehensive Guide to a Successful Presentation with Kenneth Jackson Kenneth is ready to guide our high school students, freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors, through the process of […]