East End Arts Teacher Spotlight: Christina Sun

Christina Sun

Ready to immerse yourself in an artistic symphony, filled with vibrancy and harmony? In this spotlight, we celebrate the rich tapestry of talent that is Christina Sun. This dynamic artist’s journey with East End Arts began in the spring of 2021, as she and Kate Albrecht brought the communal magic of drum circles back to life, reinvigorating our community with unity and energy that had been dampened during the pandemic.

Born with an artist’s heart and a yearning to be a part of the creative sanctuary that is East End Arts, Christina was entranced by the melody of over 20 drums calling individuals to share their love for music. The drum circle has become a centerpiece of community bonding and shared joy, a testament to Christina’s transformative impact.

Although Christina’s early days were spent on Riverside Drive in NYC, marveling at the might of the Hudson River, her spark for illustrating maritime wonders ignited during her formative years in Jackson Heights, Queens. Now, nestled amidst the tranquil charm of the North Fork of Long Island, Christina’s creations are a mesmerizing ode to the seafaring world, from playful depictions of tugboats and ferries to detailed portraits of sailors and sea creatures. Her vibrant illustrations have captured hearts and minds, imbuing each viewer with a sense of her deep connection to the aquatic world.

But Christina’s artistic journey doesn’t end with illustration. A true Renaissance woman, she offers expertise in yoga and swimming, teaching with the same passion and dedication that she brings to her art. But perhaps it is in the realm of drumming where her love for sharing and teaching reaches its crescendo.

Christina recently led a groundbreaking drum circle class for individuals with special needs at EEA, in partnership with EEDA. The session was nothing short of magical. Christina’s infectious energy and warm presence resonated throughout the room, captivating everyone present and inviting even the assistants to partake in the rhythmic celebration. Her unique gift to connect with individuals on a deep, personal level truly sets her apart.

In Christina’s own words, “Seeing how new individuals learn, process, and express things, while passing on the teachings of great mentors, brings immense joy to my heart.” With a B.S. from Cornell University, Red Cross certifications, a yoga teacher training certification, and over ten years of teaching experience, she has seamlessly blended her love for arts, music, and community into a symphony of creativity and education. She learned from a great mentor M’Bemba Bangoura, master at the djembe drum and West African dance.

When she’s not creating art or leading a vibrant drum circle, Christina’s love for drumming continues to resonate. Join us at East End Arts to experience the energy and unity of Christina Sun’s drum circles. Experience firsthand the unique blend of creativity, passion, and community that makes Christina an indispensable asset to East End Arts. The beat is calling—are you ready to join the circle?

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