Zach Marino

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Zach Marino

Zach Marino


Meet Zach Marino, the dynamic and passionate guitar instructor at East End Arts. Zach received his degree from SUNY New Paltz, and and as he entered the the next steps he knew his true calling lied in the world of music.

Zach boasts an impressive 15 years of mastery on the electric guitar, with his musical journey beginning as a dedicated student. His love for music extends beyond personal practice, as he has served as the frontman – both guitarist and vocalist – in a band alongside two childhood friends. What started as covering songs evolved into creating their original material, resulting in the recording of an EP, three LPs, a split LP, and various singles.

Not only is Zach well-versed in the art of creating and performing music, but he brings over a decade of experience playing live shows with his band. Their performances have graced numerous venues, ranging from bars and basements to other music venues, captivating audiences with their original compositions. In 2019, Zach and his band embarked on their first official tour, spanning a week and taking them to various East Coast states.

Zach’s diverse background in music, performance, and audio engineering gives him a well rounded approach to teaching sharing his passion and skills with the students of East End Arts.

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