Are You Ready to Take the ‘Give It Up For The Arts’ Challenge

Have you ever found yourself humming to a tune on a gloomy day, or being captivated by a piece of art on a blank wall? From the rhythm in our steps to the colors on our canvas of life, the arts have a subtle yet profound influence on our everyday existence. But, sometimes, we take them for granted. So, how about we change the beat for a moment?

Introducing the “Give It Up For The Arts Challenge” by East End Arts!

What’s the Buzz?

The concept is a delightful mix of fun, self-reflection, and community building. We’re encouraging folks like YOU to temporarily forego a regular pleasure (think your daily latte, that weekly movie ticket, or the occasional night out) and redirect those funds to support the arts.

Why Participate?

East End Arts is more than just a name. We’re a driving force behind the blooming creativity on the East End of Long Island, working tirelessly to ensure that arts remain an accessible joy for everyone. Your donation isn’t just money; it’s music lessons for a child, it’s art supplies for a budding artist, it’s the heartbeat of our community.

But Here’s the Twist!

The first $10,000 donated will be DOUBLED, thanks to a generous matching from an incredible donor and our board. That’s right! Your small act can make twice the ripple.

Taking Part is a Piece of Art!

  1. Choose Your Sacrifice: Whether it’s a coffee, a shopping spree, or a dinner date, decide what you’re willing to give up for the sake of art.
  2. Donate: Use the saved amount to make your donation through our secure link.
  3. Challenge and Share: Go social! Post a video or photo, share what you sacrificed, and tag five friends to take on the challenge next. Use the hashtag #GiveItUpForTheArts and don’t forget to tag @EastEndArts on Facebook or Instagram.

Not a Social Butterfly? No worries! Your silent contribution speaks volumes. Just accept the challenge yourself and donate.

Closing Notes:

Every week, we’ll be spotlighting the most ingenious and heartwarming challenge posts. So, there’s a chance for your story to shine and inspire many more.

Art isn’t just paintings in a gallery or songs on a radio. It’s the laughter of children, the stories of elders, and the dreams of every one of us. So, are you ready to give up a little to gain a lot more?

Join the movement. Let’s hit that $90,000 mark in 90 days and prove that when a community comes together, magic happens!

Ready to wear your art on your sleeve? DONATE NOW!

About East End Arts

We are a gathering place for artists and those that love art. We engage and build community through cultural tourism initiatives and programs that collaborate with government, civic groups, private businesses, and nonprofit entities.

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