Fredericka Foster

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Fredericka Foster

Fredericka Foster is a painter and photographer, born and raised in Seattle, but also living in New York City for the past 33 years.  Water is the focus of her work.  The Fischbach Gallery represented her paintings for over 15 years until the gallery closed in 2015. 

She guest-curated The Value of Water at the Cathedral St. John the Divine, an exhibition of 200 works by 40 artists.  She had a one-person exhibition for the Beacon Institute of Rivers and Estuaries at their gallery in Beacon, curated by Amy Lipton.  She continued to use her work to speak on behalf of water through exhibiting and public presentations, as in “The Salish Sea” at the Seattle Artists League. “Artists Celebrate the Salish Sea” is available on Amazon. In April, 2019 she taught at the Foundations for Art Theory and Education Conference: “Water Journeys” with Giana Pilar Gonzáles, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio. She participated in the Sage Assembly, presenting her work, and doing a performance with several other artists around a sewage spill in Puget Sound.   

During the pandemic, she presented her work in many zoom conferences. In 2020, she invited artists to join her on with the mission to interpret, celebrate and defend water.  Their first exhibition in 2021 was covered in “Issues in Science and Technology”, the magazine of the National academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.  Also in 2021, an article she wrote with Philip Glass; “Music, Meditation, Painting, and Dreaming” was in the Fall issue of Tricycle Magazine. 

She participates in exhibitions both in commercial galleries, i.e. the Zurcher Gallery in 2022 in NYC and also at the Glen Hansen Studio in Southold, NY.   In December 2022 she was part of an initiative by ecoartspace, “I Am Water”, where her work Molten Sea was exhibited on a billboard at 46th and the West Side Highway in Manhattan.   

Inspired by Pathways for Planetary Health, Foster curated the exhibition “Rivers” which will be up from March 15, 2023 at the Garrison Institute.  A catalog is also available.

She is currently in the exhibition Detour IV at East End Arts, curated by Glen Hansen and Adam Straus, open through August 27, 2023.