Franklin Hill Perrell

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Franklin Hill Perrell

Franklin Hill Perrell

Multidisciplinary Artist / Curator

Franklin Hill Perrell is more than just an artist; he’s a living embodiment of art’s rich tapestry, its history, and its ever-evolving narrative. His journey began in the intimate setting of his own studio, meticulously crafting his artworks, an experience that laid the foundation for his deep-rooted knowledge of art. As his journey evolved, Perrell stepped into the world of museum curation, handling masterpieces from iconic names like Picasso, Monet, Hopper, and Pollock. This unique proximity to seminal works offered him unparalleled insights into their physical attributes and stylistic nuances.

A maestro of the multidisciplinary, Perrell’s exhibitions transcended traditional art displays. They were immersive experiences that blended fine art with elements of costume, fashion, furniture, and literature, creating thematic installations that engaged the senses. With a belief that art is intrinsically tied to cultural trends and historical contexts, Perrell’s curatorial approach emphasized connections between various disciplines, uncovering deeper meanings and insights into the artworks.

Starting his art journey in the 1970s, Perrell’s works found prestigious platforms such as the Walker Street Gallery and Tria Gallery. His art received recognition in esteemed publications like Art in America, the New York Times, and the New Yorker. However, his commitment to the art world wasn’t confined to creation and curation. Perrell has passionately educated others, lecturing at renowned institutions like Hofstra University, and leading group visits to iconic venues like the National Gallery in Washington. His tenure as the Chief Curator at the Nassau County Museum of Art saw him organize over fifty exhibitions, highlighting epochs from Napoleon’s reign to the colorful world of the 1960s.

With writings that include essays and catalogue texts for international exhibitions, Perrell’s academic contributions further accentuate his holistic involvement in art. He is deeply influenced by western European culture, with interests spanning from the Italian Renaissance to twentieth-century Modernism.

Away from the canvas and curatorial halls, Perrell enjoys the serenity of Southold on Long Island’s North Fork, a haven for art personalities. Married to attorney Emily Franchina, he serves as an ex-officio board member of the Bermuda National Gallery and co-chairs the collections committee at the Heckscher Museum of Art. Through his expansive career, Franklin Hill Perrell stands as a beacon of art’s enduring influence, its intertwining with history, and its power to inspire and educate across generations.