Bakithi’s In-School Field Trip

Bakithi’s In-School Field Trip

East End Arts is privileged to have on staff, Bakithi Kumalo, a world-renowned bass player, known for his musical contribution to the Grammy-winning album Graceland, by Paul Simon. Bakithi loves to share his story of growing up in South Africa, and how he ended up moving to the states and playing with Paul Simon, who has been playing with him for over 30 years.

Bakithi travels all over the United States spreading his love of music, and his passion for sharing the music with young and upcoming musicians. His story teaches students the essence of perseverance, hard work, finding something you love, and sharing your gift with the world. Music is an integral part of everyone’s life and every person should have a chance to experience music and expand on it through education and lessons.

Bakithi will talk about his beginnings in South Africa, playing on stages all over the world, recording with the greats, the charities he is devoted to, the ukulele bass he developed, and how he has worked with so many young musicians mentoring and inspiring them to be the best that they can be. He will also share a song or two with the audience.

We would like to propose an in-school field trip, where Bakithi will share his story, perform for the students, and then offer a Q&A. His availability is on Wednesdays after 10:00 am.

Please contact Kathleen Ruscick, at to book a date.