East End Food Market

Now Showing: MLK Portrait Project


Currently, the East End Food Market is showing the MLK Portrait Project Auction and Exhibition.

Every year, East End Arts motivates local high school students to engage in a distinctive communal undertaking in commemoration of civil rights icon, Martin Luther King Jr. By means of the MLK Portrait Project, students are encouraged to channel their creativity towards crafting individual panels which are then merged together to form a portrait of a civil rights champion. This endeavor teaches students about the significance of the individual’s influence within a community.

East End Food Market in Riverhead is a project of East End Food Institute, held at 139 Main Rd, Riverhead. The Winter Market runs November-April on Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm, and the Summer Market takes place the rest of the year on Fridays from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Visit the market to see EEA Member art work while you enjoy local farm, food, wine, and craft vendors as well as music and activities in partnership with other local nonprofit organizations. The market is a terrific first stop on your day trip to the East End, whether you plan to visit the North Fork or South Fork. Chat with vendors, staff, artists and volunteers to explore and learn more about our community!