Riverhead Town Hall Gallery

Monday – Friday, 9 am- 4 pm

The Riverhead Town Hall art exhibits are a collaborative effort on the part of East End Arts and the Township of Riverhead to support local artists and introduce their works to the community. The public is welcome; admission is free.

Always open to the public.

E-Motions: A journey of grief, acceptance, and recovery. Elaine Lombardo

Artist Statement – Elaine Lombardo

My art is a reflection of emotional turbulence and driven by my commitment to mental health awareness. After suffering a great personal tragedy in 2017 I again returned to fine art to assist in my mental and emotional healing. The results are pieces which are deeply emotional and thoroughly subjective. What is brought by the viewer is what is taken away – some will see and feel deep sadness while another may see the same painting and feel great joy. I explore “emotional abstract” painting as it offers me the opportunity to express my emotions in a safe and free way without boundaries or expectations. The results are always unexpected as I approach each piece without a definitive image in mind, only introspective thought and feeling. Each piece starts with a pre-determined color scheme; I limit my palette to 2-3 colors plus black and white and then close my mind. I allow my emotions to take center stage and then freely begin to create. As the piece progresses it transitions several times until I finally see its destination and will move towards it. I do not limit myself to 2D works, my mediums also include digital composition, mixed media, resin art, and photography.

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