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The Riverhead community has a vibrant and rich art scene. And it’s not the exclusive purview of adults. East End Arts offers fun and engaging art classes for kids of all ages! From painting to jewelry making, your child can explore their inner artist and learn to express themselves in new ways.

Art instruction promotes creativity, self-expression, and confidence. When children explore their creative side, they open up a new world of possibilities and experiences, helping them to grow and learn. 

With so many options, there is a class to fit every kid’s creative needs and schedule. Classes, workshops, camps, and private art lessons are available and many are offered all year long. 

Unlock your child’s inner artist – explore the Long Island art classes offered by East End Arts!

Art Classes

After school, home school, and Saturday art classes for kids are the foundation of the children’s art program at East End Arts. These classes offer an array of fun and educational activities designed to unleash the artist in your child. 

These classes are offered at levels from beginner to intermediate and are the perfect way for kids to get creative. Depending on the course you select, your child will be exposed to different mediums and artists. 

Multi-media classes teach more than art. They promote critical thinking, planning, and focused attention.

Art Workshops for Kids

Art workshops consist of one or two hyper-focused sessions dedicated to a specific skill, medium, or genre. During these sessions, kids explore new techniques and flex their artistic skills. Because workshops are limited to one or two classes, it provides a great way for your child to try out photography, painting, jewelry-making, or one of the many other artistic avenues they have yet to explore.

The limited duration also makes art workshops the perfect art class option for kids already involved with sports, scouts, or other extracurricular activities. 

Private Art Lessons for Kids

Private lessons offer the ultimate in flexibility and personalization. They can be tailored to your child’s skill level and school schedule.  With private lessons, some children that may feel intimidated in a group setting have the opportunity to shine and grow.

As their skill increases, so does their confidence. Ignite your child’s imagination and nurture their artistic growth in a safe and supportive environment with private art lessons. 

Long Island Art Camps for Kids

Just because school is out doesn’t mean the learning must stop. 

Week-long camps consist of half-day or full-day programs. Fine arts camps explore drawing and painting, portraiture, molding, and sculpting among other topics. General arts camps combine the literary and visual arts to create engaging programs that stretch the mind and the imagination. 

Summer and winter break art camps foster creativity and allow children the opportunity to develop an appreciation for art. Whether they attend one session or go all summer long, art campers build their own community right here in Riverhead. 

Why Art Classes for Kids are Important

Art classes offer kids an abundance of benefits, from fostering creativity and self-expression to boosting confidence and problem-solving skills. The Long Island art classes for kids at East End Arts give youth the freedom to explore their inner artists as they delve into different mediums, master new techniques, and develop an appreciation for a variety of art. Your child will look at the world in a new way when they view it through the lens of color, shape, and form.

Unleash your child’s inner artist with art classes from East End Arts.

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