Abstract & Almost Abstract (2015)

March 13 – April 17, 2015

Abstract & Almost Abstract (2015)
March 13 – April 17, 2015

Juried, All Media Art Show
March 13 – April 17, 2015
Reception: Friday, March 13, 2015, 5 – 7 PM
Meet the Artists! Refreshments served. Open to the public.
Photographs at the reception are taken by East End Arts’ Working Artist member Natalia Clarke.

Guest Juror: Brian Washburn, Artist and Director, Washburn Gallery, W 57th Street, New York NY

Purely abstract or just a little bit figurative but far from representational is what will exhibited. In either case, the abstract elements in the painting, photos and sculptures will provide the dominate structure.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 AM – 4 PM

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Best in Show – Insight
Jackie Rogers
Greenport, NY
1st Place – Destruction in Motion
Anna Jurinich
Wading River, NY
2nd Place – Untitled
Frank Gioeli
Sag Harbor, NY
wood & acrylic
3rd Place – Soho Shadows
Raymond Germann
Ridge, NY


Brian Washburn
Artist and Director of Washburn Gallery, W 57th Street, New York, NY

This is the first time that I have been invited to jury a group exhibition on my own and I want to thank East End Arts for the invitation.

Upon facing the 275 submissions, I already had my ABSTRACT (and almost abstract) criteria top of mind. But as I faced my task of reviewing the submissions I discovered new criteria kept coming up in selecting these works of art.

Presentation, became paramount. How did the artist/artists present their work? Do they respect themselves and the art that they have conjured up. Over-framing and over-matting were at issue, too much is too much; excess of either draws the eye away from the works activity on the picture plane.

Media. I was happy to be presented with submissions from all artistic media. Painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, assemblage, collage, and computer digital work. So I fairly picked works from all mediums. I was quite taken with some of the photographers, I never thought I’d be choosing photography.

Dating. The last piece of criteria that struck me about going through the works, was, there was very little dating of the work. I wanted current, I wanted what was happening now. This became a point of departure for many of the works in round two of the selection of art for this exhibition. I found it insulting to find work dated, for instance 1998 submitted; while other hard working artists selected submissions that were current or executed within the last five years or less, please.

In the end, I had to make choices for best in show, runners up and honorable mentions. I picked stand outs. And that’s it. Not that these works are any better. I want to commend the outstanding work of all the artists in this exhibition.

Well done.


“St. Malo”, oil pastel by Brian Washburn

Brian Washburn
Artist and Director of Washburn Gallery, W 57th Street, New York, NY
Juror for Abstract & Almost Abstract, 2015

Juror Statement: “My jaded eye is drawn to anything that challenges it. I am a picture person and I have looked at, and look at a lot of pictures. My head is filled with a million images. So I look for work that makes me think, hmmm.”
Though schooled in the fine arts, Brian Washburn was also trained as a commercial and decorative painter, and learned theatrical techniques which still help him to achieve his desired results: plastering, glazing and spattering are all methods he employs as an artist to reach the crystallization of mental states and phenomena that form his personal language. Washburn’s artistic works celebrate impulsive, nonchalant drawing expanded to an epic proportion. He is always looking. Everything he experiences in the world, from feelings and phrases to an evening out with friends, gets ground up and stored in his memory until all the pieces that can be united form a new compound that can be presented in his pictures. Each piece isn’t just a weird shape, it’s a moment.
Artist Statement: “To all intents and purposes, I am selfish and rather than attempt to “mine” meaning from cultural, political or historical contexts, I scavenge archetypical forms from the observed moments of my daily life – excavating imagery from among the piles of pictures cluttered into journals, unearthing unexpected contexts and new understandings of myself.”


Helena Alves, Southampton – “Thrive-Black & White” acrylic gold leaf on canvas
Anne Baum, Patchogue – “Brick Wall” photography
Sharon Bourke, Central Islip – “Forest Spirit” etching – HONORABLE MENTION
Fred Brandes, East Hampton – “Optical Turrits #27” assemblage
Cassandra Brown, Mattituck – “MMC 1” mixed media collage
Cassandra Brown, Mattituck – “MMC 2” mixed media collage
Cassandra Brown, Mattituck – “MMC 3” mixed media collage
Michael Chait, Patchogue – “Anything Goes if You Try” mixed
Jeffrey Corbett, Yaphank – “Phase Shift” oil on canvas
Lance Corey, East Quogue – “Lazy Horse” latex on paper
Kim Coruzzi, Hampton Bays – “Circles” watercolor
Stephanie Costanzo, Port Jefferson – “Forest Storm” collage
Dawn Daisley, Oak Beach – “Seagulls” monotype
Raymond Germann, Ridge – “Soho Shadows” photography – THIRD PLACE
Anthony Giacinto, West Babylon – “Cowboy” metal sculpture
Gina Gilmour, Mattituck – “Welcome Party 2” oil
Frank Gioeli, Sag Harbor – “Untitled” wood & acrylic – SECOND PLACE
Marion Jones, Southold – “A Lot Closer Than You Think” acrylic on paper
Marion Jones, Southold – “With So Much Love” acrylic on paper
Anna Jurinich, Wading River – “Destruction in Motion” acrylic – FIRST PLACE
Virginia Khuri, Shelter Island – “Yellowstone I” archival photo print
Julianna Kirk, Brookhaven – “Jabberwocky” collage
Sarah Lambert, Centereach – “Shortly After 2am” ink on paper
Sarah Lambert, Centereach – “Snuff” ink on paper
Julia Lang-Shapiro, East Setauket – “Dashes and Ohs” monoprint
Jacques LeBlanc, Center Moriches – “Elk Wildlife Rescue” photography
Mark Levy, Massapequa – “Untitled 003” mixed
Mark Levy, Massapequa – “Untitled 007” watercolor
Mark Levy, Massapequa – “Untitled 008” pastel
Katherine Liepe-Levinson, Riverhead – “Spell 1- Quogue” photography
Evelyn Lucas, Southold – “Reflective Contrasts” photography
Elizabeth Malunowicz, Eastport – “Great Emptiness” oil
Andrew Masino, Calverton – “Primitive” oils
Michael McLaughlin, Riverhead – “Cargo Quartet” photography
Luke Merz, Babylon – “Yellow Objects #10” acrylic
Margaret Minardi, Northport – “Untitled” acrylic & ink
Susie Peelle, Locust Valley – “Neon Dance” digital painting
Lisa Petker-Mintz, Old Bethpage – “Chair #1” acrylic – HONORABLE MENTION
Gary Quarty, Southold – “Twisted Drill” wood sculpture – HONORABLE MENTION
Jackie Rogers, Greenport – “Insight” acrylic – BEST IN SHOW
Meredith Rose, Westhampton Beach – “Pop” mixed
Jon Rosner, Stony Brook – “Still Waiting” photography
Jerry Schwabe, East Hampton – “Jazz” watercolor
Arlene Thek, Wading River – “Patch the Night Sky” acrylic/silk floss/linen – HONORABLE MENTION
Mia Wisnoski, Westhampton – “Repetto” photography
Thomas Witschi, Wading River – “Valentine Coat of Arms” wood
Constance Sloggatt Wolf, Huntington – “On the Way” acrylic & ink
Jeremiah Woo, East Hampton – “Unexpected Interference lV” ink, pencil, markers
Diane Woodcheke, Calverton – “Rising Shapes Give Vision” photography

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