Natalia Rahim

Learn more about our faculty member Natalia Rahim.

Natalia Rahim

Assistant Band Director

What Drew Me to Teach at East End Arts:

I was once a student here at EEA and have a few teachers encourage me to continue to peruse my passions. I want to do the same for the new generation of students. EEA is a unique place for students to express themselves and their talents.

My Expertise:

Singing, jewelry making, painting, teaching, directing, being a full time college student.

My Inspiration:

My parents and family have inspired me.

My Degrees:

High school diploma at Riverhead HS, Liberal Arts & Sciences – Political Science at Suffolk County Community college, working towards Bachelor’s Arts in Child study & Education with a concentration in Political Science & Administration

My Awards, Exhibitions & Honors:

Excellence in the Arts Award from EEA. From being a student to directing the EEA Rocks Band program.

Years Teaching:

1 to 5

Why I Love Teaching:

I have fun and enjoy being with the students, I learn everyday from teaching. It’s rewarding being able to help kids grow and improve their talent and skills. I have worked hard to be where I am, and I’m happy to make a difference in students lives.

My Other Interests:

Performing and being on stage out in the community, having a small business that I run myself, collecting damaged vinyls and painting on them to repurpose them, making jewelry out of real flowers that I pick, being a full time college student and gaining experience daily with children of all ages and needs throughout different schools, traveling abroad to different countries.