Nancy DeGraw McSwane

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Nancy DeGraw McSwane

Nancy DeGraw McSwane

Vocal Instructor

Nancy DeGraw McSwane resides locally in Riverhead, New York, where she shares her life with her husband, Thomas who is an impressionist painter. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education, with a focus on voice, she embarked on a journey of education and mentorship that has spanned several decades.

Nancy’s passion for teaching and guiding blossomed during her college days in California and has remained a constant force on the North Fork of Long Island for over 30 years. Her dedication to nurturing the talents of aspiring artists is both inspiring and unwavering.

Throughout her career, Nancy has had the privilege of serving as a vocal and acting instructor, as well as a director, for countless students. Many of her students have gone on to pursue higher education in the arts, and some have emerged as accomplished professionals in the world of singing, acting, and production, earning recognition for their remarkable talents. In addition to her teaching, Nancy herself is a sought-after soloist, showcasing her own prowess as a vocalist.

In addition to her illustrious teaching career, Nancy McSwane is also a published author, with two poetry books to her name. Her literary works, “The Tower and the Flower” and “Touching Eternity: Three Parables,” exhibit her creativity and depth of expression, adding a further layer to her multifaceted talents. She volunteers as a mentor and shares her love or the written word with the students in the 2rs4fun! Creative Writing program.

Nancy McSwane’s legacy as an educator, artist, and mentor is deeply rooted in her unwavering commitment to her students and her passion for the arts. Her work has left an indelible mark on the world of theater, and her students are a testament to her remarkable influence, with many of them achieving recognition through the Teeny Awards, a fitting tribute to her dedication and expertise.