Maria Orlando Pietromonaco

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Maria Orlando Pietromonaco

Maria Orlando Pietromonaco

Creative Writing Instructor

From the moment I could read and write, I could be found with my nose in a book and a pencil in my hand. I decided to pursue my obsession with books and words professionally, completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing at Binghamton University. Since then I have been a journalist, writer, storyteller, and editor for over 30 years. I also wrote a Long Island history book called Images of America: Long Island’s North Fork, and published a young adult novel.

I am currently working toward a Masters in Education so I can enhance my teaching skill set and expand my horizon of opportunities. My passion is to share my love of writing with others and help them not only learn the craft but inspire them to tell their story — whether that is their own personal narrative, work of fiction, prose and poetry, or other mode of written expression.

What Drew Me to Teach at East End Arts:

I live locally and love the North Fork, and also love writing instruction. I thought it would a great fit for me.

My Expertise:

Teaching the craft of memoir writing, but also fiction, personal essays, short stories, and more.

My Inspiration:

Frank McCourt for his dark humor-infused style, JK Rowling for her resilience and courage, Deepak Chopra for guiding me through this dizzying human existence.

My Degrees:

A Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, 27 credits toward a Masters in Education

Years Teaching:

5 to 10

My Other Interests:

I love cooking, reading, gardening, anything outdoors including hiking and kayaking, beaches and boating, entertaining, and spending time with family and friends.

Why I Love Teaching:

I really love to invoke emotions in students, help them express themselves in words, dig out their memories and get them on paper, and the list goes on. The most rewarding thing I do in life.