Eileen Kelly

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Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly

Plein Air Painting


Eileen Kelly is a Visual Artist & educator based in New York. Born in Brooklyn, she received her MS at CUNY Queens College and currently resides on the NOFO. Her work is displayed in galleries across Long Island and is a part of many private collections. The work of artist, Eileen Kelly, embodies Expressionism, portraying an emotional response, capturing her inner awareness inspired by the universal beauty that surrounds us. Throughout the creative process each piece may turn toward Impressionism or Abstraction.

Eileen holds a degree in Pure Mathematics, which at first may seem peculiar until one allows themselves to explore its purity, depth & abstraction; becomes aware of the natural occurrence of mathematical patterns, shapes, sequences & symmetries; is awe-struck by the harmony & proportion of the world around us.

Having been an artistic Expressionist all her life, she has spent 23+ years teaching & inspiring students to love the abstract beauty of mathematics, science and the arts while nurturing lifelong seekers of knowledge. Eileen is inspired by texture, pattern, color & the world that surrounds her.