Marlene Bezich

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Marlene Bezich

Marlene Bezich

Pastels /Drawing

My goal as an artist is to display my love of animals, color and nature in my artwork. Born and raised on Long Island, I have been fortunate to benefit from the tutelage of Pastel Society Member, Audrey Swanson Marlow, and renowned portrait artist and illustrator Rapheal DeSoto. Their expert guidance has sharpened my artistic sense, getting to the “soul” of my subject be it Man, Animal or Nature.

I want my viewer to feel the sunlight cascading through the trees or on the grass while witnessing my landscapes. More importantly during this time of vanishing open land, I want to show everyone the importance as well as the beauty of what we are losing. A friend of mine asked one day why are there never any people in my landscapes. My reply was nature doesn’t need human help to be beautiful!

I have had an increasing opportunity to paint more on site ”Plein Aire”. This has deepened my love of nature and the outdoors, which has given my land and seascapes a new spirit.

I feel the same kind of love for my animal paintings. Many of my clients comment that I seem to capture that intangible look, that certain stare, their soul. I feel that my work with human portraiture has given me a special insight when rendering my animals. That’s what makes my artistic blood flow, the fact that I am challenged everyday to capture an animal’s gaze, or that fleeting patch of sunlight on a far off hill.

In my Still Life paintings I love to explore the power of composition and color, sometimes telling a story among the items.

Working in various mediums, (oil, pastel, charcoal or scratchboard), provides me with the ability to render any subject in it’s own individual light.